An average Jane on health and nutrition

I said I’ve been paying more attention to my health and wellness over the last few years. So there are some things I know already, and changes that have already been made.

I almost never drink soda, or coffee.

But this works for me because I don’t particularly like coffee and soda is a take it or leave it. “Giving up” soda wasn’t a challenge, but giving up, say, chocolate would be. We all have those things we can pass over a million times without a second thought. Soda is one of mine.

However, it’s rare that I’ll ever completely outlaw/forbid anything, because frankly, in my world, it’s probably not practical. I was at a Red Sox game with my older brother, and he bought hot dogs and Cokes for us. Awesome, thanks! Enjoy the hot dog and Coke. It’s not going to kill you.

I drink a lot of water.

Credit retail for this one.. working in a dry, dusty environment was the start.

Moderation, except for veggies.

I credit increased consumption of vegetables as the single biggest factor in the weight loss I’ve already experienced. For some meals, I’ll halve what previously would have been the main part, and replace with more veggies. Lots more veggies. Today at work I have half of a turkey and provolone sandwich on a bagel and a whole pile of vegetables. Carrots, cucumbers, and spinach, namely.

I think there are others. I’ll add them as I think of it.

– Julia


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