An average Jane on health and nutrition

If there’s one thing I would like to see shift in the American discourse around food, it would be the frequency of the use of the word “guilt.”

Admittedly, it’s usually “guilt-free”, as in “guilt-free cheesecake” or “guilt-free cheesy pasta.” But I have a very strongly held belief that “guilt” has no place in a function so basic to human survival. Though it tends to be gendered, with females reporting more guilt over food choices than men, it does seem to be increasingly universal as our relationship to food gets more and more out of whack.

This is not an overly informative post; mostly just a quick blurb, almost as a reminder. A reminder to myself to do some research on this, to see where we think this is stemming from, and how we can hope to combat it in order to live healthier lives in all senses of the word.

Do you ever feel guilty over your food choices? How do you think we can over come it?


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