An average Jane on health and nutrition

my new job

So, first things first, I’m extremely excited to say that part of why I’ve been a bit quiet here the last few weeks is that I’ve been interviewing for and securing a new job! As of next week, I will be a writer for a public health communication firm. I’m stoked for the new challenge in a field that I’ve been wanting to get in to, and for a great company whose goals align well with mine. It’s all about clear, accessible communication on a variety of health, medicine, and wellness topics. Writing is my specialty, health and wellness my interest, so this is a thrilling opportunity for me to positively influence public health in my own small ways.

In addition to the interesting, challenging projects, I’m excited for the company culture. They are open to workplace wellness initiatives (like group stretch breaks! Warms my yoga-loving, anti-computer-hunching¬†heart) and I’ll be close enough to bike to work again sometimes, something I’ve sorely missed doing. It’s really energizing to start the day off by hitting the bike. The movement, the fresh air. A great way to wake up. (And, by the time I get home, I’ve already done a good workout for the day, without taking too much extra time!)

So yeah. Really happy about this.

But, I signed in with the intention of making a ‘real’ post.. SUPERWEEDS. Stay tuned.


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