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My first 5k?

Every year in a nearby city, there’s a 5k in December called the Hot Chocolate Run. This year, my good friend Ashley wants me to run it with her.

I’ve never done a 5k, and I’m the kind of person who often laments that I don’t like running for the sake of running. I’m really more of a cyclist. Running for soccer, sure. Running to escape serial killers, yes. Running.. because..running? It’s just never been my thing. But perhaps that’s been because I haven’t really been in “runner” shape. Where I can bike 35+ miles, for some reason running 1 is a challenge.¬†Perhaps trying to do too much too fast, or whatnot. But Ashley would like some company. The conversation was short, and went like this:

Ashley: You should do the hot chocolate 5k with me this year.

Me: I dunno… running in December sounds like it would suck. Like I would try to breathe and the air would be so cold that my lungs feel like they’re on fire and miserable.

Ashley: Yup, that happens.


Ashley: So, what d’ya think?!

The run is a bit over 2 months away, which is, conveniently, about the amount of time required in the infamous Couch-to-5k running plan. So, I guess I’m tentatively committing to this. In the hopes of staying motivated (and perhaps introducing some accountability) I’m making this post. I have also thrown an invite out to two of my runner cousins who both go to college nearby. The more the merrier, right?

And hot chocolate at the end.



Have you run a 5k? What do I need to know for my first one? What do you wish someone had told you when you got into running?