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back from vacation

I’ve been quiet for a little while because I’ve been spending time with family and the water and the great outdoors up in New Hampshire.

So peaceful.



Vacation is time for board games and grilling and sleeping in. And for fun activities. The cottage we stayed at had a pedal boat, canoe, and kayak for our use. I got in some good kayaking, and, here, taking out the canoe with my mom in the early morning.



It’s not often that I get to take multi-day vacations, and this was very welcome. It’s unfortunate that the way our society is set up, vacations, even just staying home and doing something you enjoy, aren’t really something we encourage. But they are so so necessary. I feel much more refreshed. Ready to tackle work, to tackle life.

Vacation was pretty late into August, and its conclusion really felt like winding down the summer. September 1st is always the end of summer in my head, so coupling it with vacation ending so close to that really makes me feel like this season has come to an end.

But, in other exciting news, next week I start an intro nutrition class, as potential preparation for my Master’s degree. I’m looking forward to getting more formal education on nutrition, though I rather expect to find some interesting dichotomies between the current accepted “nutrition think” and the backlash to Big Food, etc.

I also just miss academia. So that will be fun.

I have a post partly finished about Mark Bittmann’s TED talk on “What’s Wrong With the Food We Eat” but it needs a little more honing. Look for it soon! 🙂

Happy end of summer, everyone.

– Julia