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my new job

So, first things first, I’m extremely excited to say that part of why I’ve been a bit quiet here the last few weeks is that I’ve been interviewing for and securing a new job! As of next week, I will be a writer for a public health communication firm. I’m stoked for the new challenge in a field that I’ve been wanting to get in to, and for a great company whose goals align well with mine. It’s all about clear, accessible communication on a variety of health, medicine, and wellness topics. Writing is my specialty, health and wellness my interest, so this is a thrilling opportunity for me to positively influence public health in my own small ways.

In addition to the interesting, challenging projects, I’m excited for the company culture. They are open to workplace wellness initiatives (like group stretch breaks! Warms my yoga-loving, anti-computer-hunching┬áheart) and I’ll be close enough to bike to work again sometimes, something I’ve sorely missed doing. It’s really energizing to start the day off by hitting the bike. The movement, the fresh air. A great way to wake up. (And, by the time I get home, I’ve already done a good workout for the day, without taking too much extra time!)

So yeah. Really happy about this.

But, I signed in with the intention of making a ‘real’ post.. SUPERWEEDS. Stay tuned.


Nutrition class, no

Turns out, “intro to nutrition” was just a bit too intro for where I am at this point in my nutritional understanding. I dropped the class today.

I was a little bummed about that, because I’d been looking forward to doing something more nutritionally-focused in an academic way, and then I had a better idea. Look into those open course MIT things.

Has anyone ever done them? Apparently, there are a bunch of classes that MIT posts lecture notes/videos, reading assignments, homework topics, etc. for, and if you want to do the work, go for it. It’s free, it’s not really being “taught” to you, but it puts the tools in place, along with a full, complete professor-delineated curriculum. Which, as someone who is interested in things, but can get lost in the sheer amount of information available, I very much appreciate.

There’s a *whole class* on cholesterol, and its role in our cells. Call me a dork all you want, that sounds fascinating.

What I’m likely to do is go through the writing about food class first. Set up a recurring time each week to read through the lecture notes, do the homework on a regular basis, complete the four required essays. Treat it like an in-person class. Just, not.. in person.

We’ll see how that goes. If nothing else, academic writing. Learning new things. Using my mind a little more than is currently sometimes required by my work-life circumstances. (Although I have to say, I have some truly incredible people in my life, and one in particular, who challenge me in the best intellectual ways constantly. Complex, interesting debates on a range of topics. Really gets those synapses firing.)

There are some other really interesting sounding classes.. history of the immune system, synthesizing protein. If anyone’s interested, I’d love a study-buddy. ­čÖé

Whatdya say, we’ll ‘take’ the class together!

– Julia